The event

Wilsden Village Gala takes place every year on the first Sunday in July to provide fun and raise money for local community organisations including the village hall. It traditionally begins with a fancy dress procession through the village, beginning at the hall and ending at the cricket field, the venue for the gala. At the field we have stalls, rides, arena performances, refreshments and several drinks tents.


The gala committee

The event is organised by a hardworking committee of volunteers from the community that meets once a month for most of the year. This group formed in 2013 under the umbrella of the village hall before becoming an independent organisation after the 2014 gala.


Our members are listed below:

Andrew Phillips (Chair)

Mark Anslow

Judy Brushett

Chris Davey

Lisa Firth

Sue Griffin

Iain Hutchinson

Jo Milne

Esther Morris

Jo Slater

Carol Phillips

Christine Schreck

Miguel Schreck